Coir Fiber Products Available Now, Including Coir Yarn, Hops Twine, Coir Twine, Geo Logs, Coir Growing Medium & Much More Coming Soon.


Made from coconut coir fiber, erosion control mats are a 100% natural and biodegradable product

Coir fiber matting also called an erosion control fabric are woven matting with different mesh size, to perform different functions like filtration, separation, drainage, reinforcement and erosion control. They have high tensile strength, water absorption capabilities (can hold up to 3 times of its own weight) and arrest run-off top soil. It is biodegradable and complete degradation in 3 to 5 years. Its unique properties include right strength, durability to prevent slopes against erosion and helps natural vegetation to take root.


All Varieties, Shapes, Sizes & Colors Available Now

Steep Round Pots, Round Pots Folded Flat, Square Pots Without Lip, Colored Pots, Round Pots Without Lip, Steep Square Pots, Square Pot with Lip, Round Pot with Lip and much more from!


Coconut Coir Logs are durable biodegradable erosion prevention. For sediment control and dewatering applications to shoreline protection and revegetation, our American-made coir logs offer the high quality and consistency that you expect from our line of products.

Coir logs can function in many ways. Along the toe of shorelines and streambanks, coir logs can act as a wave break or flow barrier. On slopes and along perimeters, coir logs can trap sediment while filtering water. With varying sizes, weights and netting types, we offer a coir log for every application. They are available in various densities, diameters, and natural or synthetic netting options.


String your hop vines easily. Made from fiber of the coconut husk. Growers for the finest beers in the world use all natural coconut fiber hop twine to string their vines, making post harvest easy & organic. 








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