About Sugarloaf Native Nursery & Supply

Sugarloaf Native Nursery & Supply was created to address a growing need for Maryland native tree, shrub and plant species on the increasing number of ecological restoration and conservation landscaping projects around the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Concentrating on high quality and dependable plant stock, Sugarloaf Natives strives to bring a fresh approach to the marketplace and do our part to ensure the success of restoration efforts around the area. 


We are also very proud to over a wide variety of products relating to the fields of ecological restoration, sediment & erosion control, stormwater management as well as many others.

Product offerings include: 

  • Coir & Coconut Fiber Products
  • Silt & Super Silt Fencing
  • Erosion Control Blankets & Matting
  • Tree Protection, Stakes & Fencing
  • & Much More!